With crude in dollar fifties and likely to remain so in near future, proliferation of renewables, aging infrastructure & workforce, tightening regulation, increasing stakeholders expectations, asset intensive companies are under stress more than ever before.

Find out how Rolta OneView can help companies address these challenges:

  • How can I achieve Operational Excellence?
  • Who are the top Bad Actors in Maintenance?
  • Can I avoid Unplanned Shutdowns?
  • How do I reduce Work-Order Backlog?
  • Am I violating the Emission Limits?

Presenter: Richard Martin - Executive Vice President, Rolta International.

Richard Martin has been with Rolta for over 9 years and is recognized for his significant contributions in growing the company’s Intellectual Property, particularly Rolta OneView™. A globally recognized authority on maximizing the business value of solutions serving Engineering, Energy, Chemicals and Power companies, he has 30+ years’ experience in leadership roles providing Engineering and Manufacturing Operations Management solutions to the process industry. He is a frequent speaker at numerous national and international conferences and is based in Houston, US.

About Rolta

Rolta is a leading provider of innovative IT, Engineering and Geo-spatial solutions for multiple verticals; Energy & Utilities, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Manufacturing, Government, Defense, Retail & Healthcare. The company leverages its industry-specific know-how with rich repository of IP that spans Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Geo-spatial applications, and field proven solutions frameworks.

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