The Rush to EBS R12 & R12.2

Written by: Rich Niemiec


Rush to R12


Working so closely with Oracle for all these many, many years, I’m seeing an acceleration in the number of companies reaching out to Rolta now for help with their R12 & R12.2 upgrades. I know some companies delayed upgrading because, well, no one wants to jump on the bandwagon first. Sometimes especially with really big changes like the one from R11i to R12, it’s best to let the dust settle a bit before moving forward. But it’s definitely time to make the move and leverage some of advantages that come with that move. Chances are good that your competitors are leveraging it already or soon will.

Rolta just published a special newsletter on the best approach to an R12 upgrade. Titled “Positioned to Win,” it includes a complimentary research report from Gartner “Key Decisions for Oracle EBS 11i Clients Upgrading to R12.” It gives you some great reasons for the upgrade, especially if you need to make a business case for the C-suite. Here are 5 of my personal top reasons why I think now is the time.


1. You can be assured you’ll have a partner that’s been there done that. We’ve led the way with both R12 and R12.2 upgrades and we’ve built up a team that is highly skilled at making sure that the projects go smoothly.

2. There are literally hundreds of new features with R12. And if you’re already there and have been for a while, you will want to take a look at EBS 12.2. It carries some pretty significant enhancements for enterprise resource planning, human capital management, and supply chain management.

3. Technology is supposed to make life easier for people. While many solutions don’t do that, our clients have seen a boost in employee productivity after we’ve done an R12 upgrade. The application delivers a simpler user experience, with dashboards and wizard-like pages.

4. It’s all about the reports. By using BI Publisher, R12 gives business users the ability to format and deliver reports.

And finally,

5. There’s never an upside to being last, and this upgrade will also help you to investigate mobile applications and the Oracle Cloud.



Meet the Author:

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Rich Niemiec is a world renowned Oracle Expert and Oracle Ace Director who was inducted into the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame in 1998.

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