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Oracle Hyperion Upgrades

Deep skill set from hundreds of successful projects

Companies using Oracle Hyperion EPM solutions can have a hardtime determining when to migrate to the latest release.Upgrades are complex and challenging. Yet upgradingHyperion applications can minimize risk and maximizeROI. There are many benefits to upgrades: support compliance,improved and consistent user interface and enhanced functionality.

There are also many reasons to seek reliable help with an upgrade: if you’ve never done it before, a major upgrade canbe a real headache and nightmare all rolled into one. Betterto seek guidance from those who do upgrades for a living.

Better to call on Rolta.

Why Rolta

Rolta delivers a complete solution to managing HyperionEPM migration projects. Our expert teams manage boththe business and technical components that are associatedwith migration. With more than 15 years of experiencemanaging Hyperion deployments, Rolta is able to leverageresources from our EPM Business and EPM Infrastructurespractice areas to bring you one of the largest and mostexperienced team of experts able to take you from consternationto elation.

Rolta’s technical architects have both broad and deepexperience designing and implementing enterprise-classsolutions and Hyperion-specific architecture. Ourcustom upgrade methodology and deep skill set, honedfrom countless deployments, leads to accurate estimatesand delivery timing.
Tested methodology enables usto develop an appropriate migration plan that reducesbusiness interruptions and minimizes impact to existingproduction cycles.

EPM 11 Upgrade Technical Benefits

  • Continued support from Oracle
  • Go-forward architecture aligned with Oracledirection
  • Support for current platforms
  • Oracle Configuration Manager eases supportprocess
  • Unified installer
  • Better IT compliance
  • Robust security / administrative features
  • Lifecycle management – eases migrations
  • True in-place upgrades and patches
  • Bundled WebLogic license
  • Integration with OBIEEH

Hyperion Upgrade Business Benefits

  • Improved flexibility & user productivity
  • Centralized Master Data Management
  • Reduced cost and complexity of compliance reporting with timely and accurate information
  • Consistent user interface and simplified applications management
  • Seamless data integration and increasedusability for timely, accurate data administration

To schedule a time to discuss Oracle Hyperion upgrades and if it is right for your organization, email us at , or click here to request a meeting.