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P2 Energy Consulting

Strongest support available outside of P2

P2 Energy Solutions help companies solve complex business challenges, delivering high return on assets with proven technology applications. Solutions provide accurate data and management tools, optimize oil and well lifecycle management, support critical financial and operational accounting, and increase productivity through more effective compliance, management and reporting.

But still, taming the flood of data that energy companies need for superior business decision making is easier said than done. That’s why the top producers in the world want Rolta on their team.

Why Rolta

With years of dedicated Oil & Gas industry experience, Rolta understands how to drive P2 Energy capabilities in land management, operations, production and finance to streamline operational efficiency, optimize production and minimize loss. In fact, Rolta has stronger consultant bench strength for P2 Enterprise Upstream™ than any other integrator outside of P2. It’s that unique level of understanding that drives successful, accelerated and cost-effective implementations and migrations.

We built teams of specialists who have a track record of helping companies take advantage of P2 solutions. Rolta enables organizations to achieve better decision making in business processes, including finance and accounting, by maximizing the advantages of Enterprise Upstream suite’s business intelligence, operations accounting, volumes management and land management capabilities.

Rolta’s well-known geospatial expertise and resources deliver land management solutions by helping companies leverage P2 Tobin Enterprise Land™ to create quick, accurate reports or maps showing leasehold positions anywhere. Rolta is a market leader in providing professional service sand thought leadership in the EPC, Geospatial and Oil & Gas industries. Rolta’s Upstream professionals have decades of experience with implementations, upgrades and special projects, unleashing the power and value of P2 Upstream Applications. Rolta takes pride in its impressive infrastructure, skilled manpower, strong partnerships, financial strength and the ability to execute both small and large projects domestically and globally.

Rolta P2 Energy Solution Expertise

  • Energy Utilization
  • Fuel & Loss Accounting
  • Project Cost Controls
  • Lifecycle Information Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Procurement Support

Enterprise Upstream™

  • Asset/Cost Management
  • Operations/Volumes Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Graphical Network Viewer
  • Regulatory Reporting

Tobin Enterprise Land™

  • Company-owned Land
  • APIs
  • Contracts
  • LeaseData
  • Domain
  • LeaseCost
  • Software Downloads
  • GIS

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