Rolta OnPoint™: A quick and secure way to publish GIS data

Rolta OnPoint™ allows you to publish GIS data quickly and securely over the web and connect to any spatial and non-spatial data throughout your organization, turning your web-GIS into a true enterprise solution.

Rolta OnPoint is the engine that drives Rolta’s Geospatial Fusion solutions. It is a full-featured spatial integration application that supports business processes across a diverse range of business functions and industries. Using the solution, clients can publish GIS data quickly and securely over the web, connecting to all data from inside and outside of the organization in real time. This data, in turn, can be easily disseminated via Internet and/or Intranet platforms, transforming web-GIS into a true enterprise solution.

Rolta OnPoint can also connect to industry standard databases such as Oracle, MS SQL Server, Teradata, Sybase, and any OBDC compliant data source via configurable web services. In addition, it also has the capability to connect to legacy data structures (such as flat files and hierarchical files) through the use of Rolta’s SOA platform, iPerspective™. Easy to integrate with key business processes, Rolta OnPoint supports and enhances specialized workflows.

Rolta OnPoint Product Extensions

  • Microsoft® SharePoint Web Parts: The Rolta OnPoint Administrative Console facilitates the integration of map/table queries that can be launched from either the web map interface or the vertical application’s own Graphical User Interface (GUI). Rolta OnPoint maps (including VE & POL) and searches are now available within SharePoint Portal along with all other internal systems.
  • Pictometry® NIW (local image warehouse) and Pictometry® Online: Pictometry imagery can now be displayed within Rolta OnPoint. Using our Pictometry extension, clients can bring in all their ortho and oblique images as map services to Rolta OnPoint. Pictometry imagery can be empowered with our custom tools such as map navigation, rotate map, community and neighborhood views, smart navigator, measure, identify and north arrow.
  • Microsoft® Virtual Earth™: Seamlessly integrates data layers with Virtual Earth subscription data, adding both base data and routing to the user’s Rolta OnPoint implementation.
  • E-Commerce: Provides support to financial administrators allowing them to utilize a prepaid subscription model within Rolta OnPoint where users can purchase available maps and documents.
  • Google Maps: Google Maps can now be added as an additional Base Map Provider to Rolta OnPoint. Integrate user GIS database content with Google Maps vector and imagery data. Users can now use Rolta OnPoint and Google Map tools on integrated data.
  • Advanced Web-Editing: Web-based editing allows the editing of attributes in related tables through Rolta OnPoint. Provided the user has sufficient privileges, the attributes can be in external business systems. There is also a Coordinate Geometry (COGO) component provided and bulk editing capability.