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Workforce Management: Using Geospatial Technology for Effective Resource Planning and Deployment

Rolta offers solutions for tracking an organization’s workforce, dispatching personnel for various types of field services, as well as optimizing routes and work schedules.

Workforce management is implemented through a combination of ERP Financial applications, Human Resources Information Systems, Time and Attendance, CRM and Asset Management, as well as Work Order systems. Each industry has different characteristics in terms of the number of key inputs used for measuring factors of workforce management (like attendance or activity based accounting). Project centric organizations typically leverage software based time and attendance closely coupled with their ERP systems.

Geospatial technologies can play a vital role in workforce management (especially mobile workforces) for any service area by integrating systems and processes across an agency into a seamless solution for providing effective resource planning and deployment. Rolta’s solutions provide valuable inputs for optimizing routes and work schedules, tracking the workforce and dispatching work force for various types of field services. Our Geospatial solutions enable capturing real time status information, allowing dispatchers and technicians to communicate in real time. These solutions play a critical role in reducing response cycle time based on location, thus reducing operating costs of service providers, and also providing an efficient service redressal system.