Rolta 3D Analysis and Visualization Suite: Accurate Assessment of Terrain Conditions

Rolta provides a customized solution for advanced 3D visualization and analysis of all types of terrain, enabling planners to optimize the deployment of their troops.

Rolta Software for Walk Thru provides advanced 3D Visualization and Analysis tools for planning operations in all types of terrain. This solution has the ability to create realistic interpretations by 3D rendering and Fly Through. Military planners can optimize the deployment of troops in both Offensive and Defensive Operations by accurate assessment and knowledge of the terrain conditions.

Main Features & Benefits:

  • Seamless integration of legacy geospatial data
  • Line of Sight, Visibility Polygon and Visibility Fan for Deployment of Radars, Observation Posts, Communication Equipment etc
  • Military grid readout upto 10 digits in 3D Window
  • Tactical overlay creation with military symbols, on the fly editing in Fly Thru Window
  • Blending shaded relief with Topo Map for better visualization
  • Cross country Movement Analysis for troop and vehicle movement
  • Planning of Obstacle Systems & Bridging Operations
  • Intelligent Route Management System with advanced Navigation Systems
  • Virtual Aerial Reccee along selected features
  • Capability to create trajectory in space & fly along trajectory
  • Advanced tools for adding movable objects for simulating movement of forces