Rolta iPerspective™ Enterprise Suite: An Intelligent Collection of Products to Help Realize Your SOA Needs

Rolta offers a solution to help your organization adopt Service Oriented Architecture to upgrade, manage, and future proof your IT investments.

Many organizations have different departments, each with their own data. Often different departments use their own custom or COTS applications to manage data. Such organizations face the challenge of bringing together all this data and using it to create information. The best way to solve this problem is the use of Service Oriented Architecture, which decentralizes the solution and ensures that it is not held hostage to any one solution in one section of your organization.

The Rolta iPerspective Enterprise Suite helps organizations adopt the latest technologies in Service Oriented Architecture to upgrade, manage, and future proof IT investments. It helps you make the best use of your existing IT investments, while giving you the flexibility to grow your IT systems without having to re-invent the wheel over and over again. The Rolta iPerspective Enterprise Suite helps achieve lowest total cost of ownership for your SOA based infrastructure.

Major Elements of the Rolta iPerspective Enterprise Suite:

1. iPerspective Service Builder:

Helps you connect to a data source, introspect the structure of your data and display it in a web based designer. You can then pick what you want to expose and quickly generate a web service for it. The service builder works with major RDBMS systems like Oracle, MySQL as well as ERP systems like SAP & Oracle EBS. It can generate code for Java based web services and other software components that are required for working with web services. It is also flexible enough to generate other types of integration code.

2. iPerspective Security Manager:

Helps configure your security setup from a central location. You can control your LDAP server, database security, application server security, web service security etc. You can configure data access controls, RBAC – role based access control – and fine grained access control.

3. iPerspective Audit Manager:

Helps manage all your data access audit configurations across the enterprise from a central console. You can add different databases and application servers hosting web services to the Audit Manager and manage all of them individually. You can start and stop audits, run reports on demand or begin a configured schedule, with the option of emailing reports to authorized recipients in a variety of formats like PDF, Excel etc.

4. iPerspective Process Manager:

Helps build software components that are needed to utilize the various web services created with the Service Builder. For example, a web service that pulls data from your ERP system must be scheduled to execute at a fixed interval, perhaps call another web service that takes the data from the ERP web services, and pushes it into your Business Intelligence data warehouse. All this is possible with the Process Manager, which gives you the ability to manage software components across the enterprise, while configuring and monitoring them from a central location.