Rolta OneView™: Driving Operational Excellence through OT-IT Integration & Pre-built Integrated Actionable Insights

Rolta offers a comprehensive BI, Big Data and Predictive Analytics solution that helps organizations realize operational and business excellence. Asset intensive industries achieve instant business value through the solution’s role based actionable insights, 3000+ pre-built analytics across verticals, industry knowledge model and cross-functional performance integrity architecture.

Rolta OneView™ Enterprise Suite is a comprehensive solution that brings unique business value through role-based actionable insights and correlated operational & business intelligence. This helps drive organizational strategy across the value chain, through informed decisions resulting in desired business transformation.

Rolta OneView™ breaks down the fundamental barriers to achieving operational and business excellence, such as silos across operational networks, business networks, safety and sustainability networks and enterprise social networks. It provides a 360-degree view of the enterprise and touches the nerve center of all critical functions, quickly adapting to existing systems, instilling best practices and accelerating process improvement.

The enterprise solution provides role based KPIs and actionable insights to empower every role to achieve its individual and organizational objectives while ensuring that there is a ‘single version of truth’ across all those levels.

ROLTA OneView™ simplifies the information complexity in the enterprise by providing loosely coupled, yet comprehensive integration across the operation and business systems with “Integrate-Analyze-Deliver” approach built by leveraging best of breed platforms.

The solution modules cover a wide spectrum of cross-functional areas including – Operations, Maintenance, Reliability, HSE, Finance, Human Resources, Corporate Sustainability, Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain, etc. for delivering integrated actionable insights. Each of these modules is fine-tuned for the specific industry suite that it caters to, providing domain-specific KPIs. Different modules focus on industry-specific key processes across the value chain, allowing seamless integration and cross-functional visibility. Rolta OneView™ Enterprise Suite collates the information across the facilities for the strategist and decision makers.

The solution enables management to view system operations as a fully integrated set of processes and KPIs spanning the whole enterprise, with actionable analytics and reporting. These capabilities allow executives to drive operational, reliability, and performance improvements via corporate initiatives such as balanced scorecards, Six Sigma, and Total Quality Management (TQM).