Rolta OneView™ for Oil & Gas Midstream: Critical insights to maximize performance, grow revenue while adhering to safety regulations

Although commodity prices are dropping, oil and gas production across North America continues to rise. This places increased pressure on midstream oil and gas companies to continue building new pipelines and modify existing infrastructure to efficiently move product from the well site to a refinery, processor or storage facility. In addition, midstream companies must effectively manage business data to reveal the critical insights necessary to maximize performance and grow revenue while adhering to pipeline safety regulations.

Management of long distance pipeline networks require insights into pipe-line inspection compliance, with visibility into the respective inspection reports on corrosion loops and color coding of the pipe-lines where inspection is due or where inspection is done but equipment is not meeting MAT (minimum allowable thickness).

Rolta OneView™ for Midstream Oil & Gas is an enterprise solution encompassing all requirements of an Integrity Management (IM) program. It integrates data from across the enterprise, enabling managers to more easily identify issues associated with the pipeline facilities, mitigate risks and provide a clear and concise view of how these threats are being addressed. With Rolta OneView, users can select a specific pipe segment to analyze past inspection reports and know the trend of measured thickness over time. The solution supports a highly collaborative environment and generates alerts to respective stakeholders who manage pipeline integrity, where anomalies were found.

Business users can then demonstrate they have fully evaluated the pipeline hazards, assessed the risk and tracked any required corrective actions. They can further ensure ongoing compliance with safety regulations by managing the collection of workflow and data for all required pipeline documentation emanating from disparate legacy systems.

Rolta OneView offers unique advantages for midstream oil and gas companies, enabling them to accelerate their journey to operational excellence.

Key benefits include:

  • Increased monitoring of pipeline integrity to more easily manage and comply with mandated safety regulations
  • Improved asset utilization and optimization
  • Greater degree of sustainability
  • Reduced costs and cycle times

Rolta’s domain knowledge and understanding of the drivers of pipeline integrity ensure the deployment of Rolta OneView for Midstream will reduce cost and improve the quality of your data and processes. It provides critically needed functionality and benefits accommodating the systems, processes, culture and IM programs of Midstream companies.