Rolta Photogrammetry Suite: A quick and secure way to publish GIS data

The Rolta Photogrammetry Suite helps capture 3-D land features and digital terrain models, and also enables the generation of ortho-photos and other vital geographic data with accuracy.

Rolta Photogrammetry Suite supports Data Exploitation, Data Creation and Data Distribution. It provides robust tools to capture 3-D land features, digital terrain models, generate ortho-photos and other geographic data. Rolta Photogrammetry suite is a versatile, accurate and cost-effective production workflow oriented stereo softcopy system. It addresses a broad range of Geospatial imaging applications. The key focus of the Rolta Photogrammetry product is usability and accuracy, with it’s products being technically supported by experienced domain experts.

Main Features:

  • Supports for various sensors and satellite data for triangulation, DEM generation and base map creation
  • Advanced Math models to generate precise and fine resolution DEM for creation of corridor in desert areas and route planning
  • User-friendly tools for generation and visualization of DEM products like shaded relief, slope aspect, contours and wire-mesh models
  • Interactive tools for terrain editing and generating realistic 3D terrain models
  • Customized tools and batch utilities to increase the 3D vector data collection and editing capabilities
  • Updating maps showing new developments with precise location
  • State of the art functionality for quality control