Rolta SmartMigrate™ for SAP HANA®: Comprehensive and automated migration solution for substantial time and cost savings

Rolta SmartMigrate for SAP HANA provides seamless migration of all your custom & SAP databases to SAP HANA with minimal cost and disruption.

In the face of exploding amounts of data that can improve business decisions, CIOs struggle under the limitations of legacy technology. Leaders need to simplify their overall technology landscape – and consolidation and unification of the myriad disparate systems they currently deploy is a must for this simplification. SAP’s HANA database technology uses leading edge innovation like in-memory and columnar storage to increase database performance multi-fold beyond hardware and software optimizations. But migrating to newer database technology requires a deep understanding of both technology and business needs, proven skills and man-power to achieve the desired benefits.

Rolta SmartMigrate for SAP HANA is a comprehensive solution that seamlessly automates your migration to HANA to reduce risk and timelines. As one of SAP’s strategic partners in their Global Migration Factory Program, it’s the first database migration framework that includes a GUI based automation tool to help migrate from Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Teradata and DB2 databases to SAP HANA. Rolta SmartMigrate for SAP HANA includes comprehensive functions like assessment, structured migration of schema, data, SQL objects, application remediation, verification, testing, and performance optimization. Rolta SmartMigrate for SAP HANA supports running migrations either on an interactive or batch mode – thus providing the flexibility of having supervised or unsupervised migrations.

The solution provides complete, end-to-end migration support from the assessment, estimation, scheduling, migration, application remediation, testing, validation, performance benchmarking and optimization, and post go-live support. The fast, time-bound migrations can enable companies to better plan their transition to fully utilizing the capabilities of SAP HANA, thereby resulting in faster and better ROI on their investments. For non-SAP application databases, Rolta SmartMigrate for SAP HANA exclusively uses Rolta’s own migration framework. For SAP application databases (like BW/Rdbms), Rolta uses a combination of our own IP tools (such as BW/Rdbms to SAP HANA testing tool) and SAP’s own migration tools (such as DMO) to provide a best-of-breed solution for customers. Our comprehensive migration process is detailed below.

Features of Rolta SmartMigrate for SAP HANA include:

  • Ability to conduct benchmark analysis comparing performance before and after SAP HANA migration process
  • Real-time cut over to SAP HANA for critical clients’ availability
  • Enhanced dashboard visuals to monitor bulk database migrations, providing status and color for each of the databases
  • LOB data type support during SAP HANA migrations
  • Parallel data validation comparison support for source and target instances
  • Ability to generate detailed HTML reports for various tasks/phases; during and at the end of execution, if records are mismatched, they are located and fixed
  • Ability to leverage this product as a regression test suite

Why Rolta SmartMigrate for SAP HANA

The benefits and unique value of Rolta SmartMigrate™ for SAP HANA® can be summarized as follows:

  • Complete & Automated: Rolta SmartMigrate for SAP HANA is a complete solution for performing migrations, bringing substantial levels of automation to the process, saving time and expense.
  • Highest Quality & Predictable Roll outs: High level of automation brings a high level of quality. Combined with methodology and a phased approached, this results in predictable, timely roll-outs.
  • Fixed Price & Significant Cost Savings: Predictability allows for a fixed-price solution. And all the above combined result in significant cost savings.
  • Faster ROI: Cost savings resulting from platform consolidation include both hardware and software expenses leading to faster database ROI.
  • Proven Scalable Global Delivery Model for Large Migration programs: Rolta’s award winning delivery practice has successfully implemented several large migrations across the world.
  • Deeper HANA Expertise and other source databases and platforms
  • Global Strategic OEM partnership with SAP

Leverage Rolta Advizex for SAP Infrastructure & Support: Being part of the Rolta One family, our Rolta SmartMigrate consultants work as a team with Rolta Advizex to also offer SAP HANA Infrastructure sizing, deployment and architecture support for leading Hardware vendors like HP, Fujitsu, IBM, etc.