The Advizer™ Tool

Reduce complexity and optimize performance

Companies require infrastructure solutions that reduce complexity, optimize service performance, and at the same time, keep operating costs low. As you consider future infrastructure investments, AdvizeX, a Rolta company, can help. With the benefit of Advizer™, a unique and patented assessment methodology, we can help optimize your infrastructure to support the high performance needs in today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape. Once an assessment is complete, AdvizeX offers a wide array of solutions to suit today’s most demanding environments and IT requirements.

The Advizer™ Tool is an application to accurately benchmark the current state of a company’s technology infrastructure and identify critical gaps. It evaluates your current environment based on over 600 weighted characteristics, which are continuously being refined and updated to provide customers with the most current perspective. With more than 400 man-years of experience, no other tool is as accurate in benchmarking a technology infrastructure.

Successfully Transforming Infrastructures

Technology is playing an increasingly critical role in providing customers with new capabilities and improving the bottom line. Making the correct decisions is critical when architecting your infrastructure to support new business initiatives. Success requires perspectives from experienced resources that have optimized the data center with established vendors such as VMware, EMC, HP, Cisco, and others.

This proven technical expertise also comes with an eye toward operations and the bottom line. It all starts with a plan. Let the professionals from AdvizeX transform your technology infrastructure.