Application Advizer™

Business attributes for virtualizing applications

The Application Advizer was created to help customers further realize the cost and agility benefits of virtualization for their organization’s business-critical applications. The tool assesses your application landscape and helps make analytical decisions based on business attributes for virtualizing applications in your environment that are not currently realizing the numerous advantages.

The engagement will also analyze your virtualization, management and monitoring tools to ensure critical applications will perform as well or better than they do in their current state. The results create a go forward strategy to successfully virtualize/standardize business-critical applications.

Application Advizer™ components include:

  • Application Optimization Recommendations
  • Virtual Infrastructure Readiness
  • Management Tool Analysis

You will benefit from the Application Advizer™ if you need:

  • An application landscape discovery performed
  • A comprehensive strategy to virtualize business-critical applications
  • Identification for optimal applications for cloud
  • Planning for disaster recovery