Managed Services & Outsourcing: On-Demand, Around-the-Clock and Frustration Free

Rolta’s Managed Services measures success from the customer’s perspective, increasing IT value and efficiency at all levels.

We bring more than 1 million hours of experience to the management of the IT systems you depend upon. We maintain and enhance infrastructure reliability, stability and redundancy through vigilant monitoring, administration and modifications to ensure the latest technology always fits your business needs.

Rolta Managed Services is the answer to many IT infrastructure needs. For companies seeking ways to better manage or limit expenditures, carving off portions of the workload to a highly talented team available only when you need them is an ideal solution. And for those organizations eager to establish a competitive advantage through leading-edge utilization of their databases’ latest features and functionality, Rolta experts can maximize the benefits of your investments.

Along with peace of mind and a flexible, highly efficient IT operation, Rolta Managed Services brings you:

  • Reliable Service – Round-the-clock support and immediate response
  • Reduced Downtime – Expert maintenance improves system performance
  • Staffing Efficiency – Experienced professionals complete projects quickly and effectively