Application Development

With more than a quarter-century of experience, Rolta assures project completion with a clearly defined scope, deliverables and timetables following agreed implementation methodology.

A well-developed application costs less to build, maintain and support. Rolta delivers the expertise required to drive successful application development outcomes with consistent results. We develop custom software solutions for clients to improve performance, integrate disparate systems and leverage the latest in software development platforms.

Importantly, Rolta’s distributed delivery model lowers costs, and project management methodologies apply user-centric design practices that convey true business value. Rolta’s highly-skilled Application Development team focuses on achieving important business goals with the software solutions it creates or updates. With special expertise in integrating new and legacy technologies, Rolta regularly exceeds client expectations and delivers high and measurable ROI.

Rolta’s Application Development Service Offerings

Project Management

  • Large or complex custom application development
  • Best application delivery methodologies such as Agile, Scrum, Rup
  • Quality assurance and testing

SOA Based Architecture

  • Repository of Technical Architecture to meet multiple business scenarios
  • Solution Accelerators that drive faster development
  • Large repository of components and Rapid Application Development Framework
  • Domain specific components and modules for e-governance, municipality and Town/Country planning
  • Governance

Application Security

  • Tools for Application Security Lifecycle
  • Multiple one-click methods for Security (Authentication)
  • Built in implementation of Single Sign-On and identity management for multiple applications running under an enterprise
  • Integration of Regulatory and Compliance standards within all applications

System Integration

  • Quick and easy GIS integration with spatial data processing
  • Plug and play integration with Oracle ERP, Payment Gateways, SMS Gateway and Email Server, etc.
  • Built in component for integration with different legacy systems
  • Collaboration and back office integration

Service Components

  • Customized Workflow Engine (Business Process Execution Language) helps end-users automate business workflow
  • Reporting framework for quick generation of dynamic Reports and Search Queries

Technologies supported

  • Oracle ADF
  • eBusiness