Testing Services

Rolta’s vast experience, diverse automation and performance frameworks deliver flexible support for every phase of the Software Testing Life Cycle.

Rolta recognizes that quality results come from having the right people with the right tools and the right processes from the very beginning and throughout the project. Rolta testing teams work toward KPIs and metrics that deliver the clear business benefits you desire. We operate each engagement with a transparency that enables you to maintain and continually improve quality long after project completion.

How You Benefit:

  • Optimize costs while improving time-to-market
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Eliminate risks
  • Free up your business and operational staff
  • Move costs from CAPEX to OPEX

Supporting the full Software Testing Lifecycle:

  • Planning — offering advices and best practices on strategy, processes and tools
  • Design — develop test scenarios, cases and data, and handle maintenance of test artifacts
  • Execution — conduct testing using multiple configurations and track results
  • Analysis — measure overall progress and deliver post-mortem evaluation

Testing as a Service Offerings:

Functional Testing

  • Application – centric validation methods
  • Defects identified early to reduce cost and enhance quality
  • Industry-standard testing techniques

System Testing

  • Validation of end-to-end business processes
  • Regression testing of the entire application
  • Functional and Nonfunctional testing
  • Ensuring that the system meets overall customer requirements

Performance Engineering

  • Ensures good performance under heavy user load
  • Simulates deployed environment
  • End-to-end assessment, tuning and benchmarking
  • Finding performance bottlenecks, including root cause analysis

Automated Testing

  • Speeds up regression and data-driven testing
  • Unique framework accelerates script generation
  • Reduces testing costs