Utilities: Overview

Adopt new business solutions & achieve competitive advantages

Preparing for the future isn’t easy for any CEO in today’s complex Utility environment. New regulatory compliance and market-driven reporting requires enterprise-wide automation, integration and data collection. Smart Grid deployments and Smart Meters are delivering a flood of never-seen-before data about distribution networks and service points, driving the need for system enhancements across the board.

You need a trusted advisor to help plan, navigate and execute an IT strategy that supports business goals.

Why Rolta

Rolta supports Utility-specific services and business processes with innovative, highly effective and efficient solutions. Our expert consultants average more than 15 years of utilities, large management and systems consulting firm experience. Such deep Utility industry experience and broad applications expertise give us a rich understanding of your challenges and makes us better able to deliver the right solutions for your operations.

Instead of basing decisions on what others in the industry have done, we guide customers to processes and solutions that are most relevant for their needs, translating vision into tangible business targets. By focusing on a scaled approach that addresses immediate and long term needs, we develop an IT roadmap to meet today’s business goals while being prepared for tomorrow’s challenges. Rolta’s multi-phased approach optimizes results, lowers risk and maximizes return on your IT investment.

To schedule a time to discuss how Rolta’s Utilities consulting team can provide you with the insights to boost revenues and reduce costs, email us at or click here to request a meeting.