Economic Development: A Geospatial Centric Approach Expanding Investments and Jobs

Rolta’s Economic Development solution enables organizations to visualize demographics, infrastructure and land to select the suitable location for a business, as well as strategize how to bring new investments into an area.

Economic instability is causing unprecedented changes in operations and investments as businesses struggle to remain competitive and profitable. The impact is apparent in the increased competition between jurisdictions for businesses, jobs and government incentives. Whether you are a Decision Maker or a Executive responsible for business growth, Rolta enables you to harness the power of geography to achieve your goals.

Rolta’s solution for Economic Development is powered by Rolta’s Geospatial Fusion Solution. It allows a geospatial centric approach for growing investments and jobs in your area by spatially integrating various data sources.

The solution enables organizations with the necessary visualization to analyze the following:

  • Business Retention – Helping businesses identify which locations to retain and which to downsize
  • Business Site Location – Helping businesses select the perfect site, using advanced adaptive search capabilities
  • Infrastructure Investment – Helping economic development agencies visualize and analyze the best areas to target infrastructure spending and incentives
  • Marketing Campaigns – Helping organizations target markets for specific businesses in particular regions to gain maximum impact


  • Adaptive search mechanisms
  • Advanced security features
  • Simple and easy to manage selection sets
  • Thematic rendering
  • Integration capability for multiple data sets and business systems
  • Ability to pull in geospatial information from Google Maps, Bing Maps, Pictometry and ESRI’s ArcGIS Server
  • Dashboard view of performance against KPI’s,mapping and other operational metrics
  • Seamless integration with SharePoint, Oracle’s OBIEE and other BI engines, ESRI’s Business Analyst and other business systems, integrated map views with the ability to share and discover between the individual elements

Rolta appreciates the vital link between local geography and economic development. In partnership with your organization, we bring a whole new perspective to economic development by leveraging our unique geospatial solution for enterprise deployment.

The industries catered to by this solution are given below, along with their relevant Rolta products.