Environment Monitoring: Environmental Management, Assessment and Reporting

Rolta offers turnkey solutions for Environmental Management to help clients meet their compliance and operating targets.

The Rolta GeoSpatial Fusion™ offering leverages existing mapping and geospatial capabilities within an organization to be efficiently distributed across the organization for complex investigations as well as assessment, monitoring and reporting needs. ROLTA OneView™ advances these offerings by adding Business Intelligence and dashboard capabilities, aggregating critical field level data into an easily consumable visible format for the team.

Rolta’s Environment Monitoring solutions support a distributed audience of program participants and stakeholders across diverse geographical locations, and help provide a Common Operating Picture to ensure the same corporate logic is applied to all assessment and reporting activities across functional units. These solutions help clients demonstrate transparency and compliance during assessment and reporting in accordance with regulatory or legislative guidelines.


  • Reduction in operating costs related to assessment and reporting mandates
  • Improved service levels to internal program participants and external public stakeholders
  • Achieving the ability to openly demonstrate compliance to regulatory or legislated targets