Backup and Recovery

Reduce recovery time and control costs

AdvizeX consultants can help your organization optimize backup and recovery systems to keep pace with data growth, reduce recovery time, control costs, and significantly increase backup success rates.

It’s no secret that high-profile data loss events are on the increase. The statistics are compelling: billions in annual losses have resulted from missing backup tapes alone. Because the risks associated with tape-based recovery systems are becoming increasingly evident, more and more companies are looking to implement next-generation solutions such as de-duplication.

If de-duplication is on your roadmap, we can optimize Backup and Recovery process transformation. Our implementations improve SLAs and RPO/RTO metrics, reduce risk and reign in the budget-busting operational costs associated with legacy tape systems. The AdvizeX approach is comprehensive and includes planning, implementation and post-migration support while drawing on a rich array of solutions available through longstanding partnerships with the industry’s leading suppliers, including HP and EMC.

As you consider your options for optimizing your operational recovery system, AdvizeX can help. And our approach is by no means limited to point solutions. Our well-certified experts can provide sophisticated levels of assessment using a unique vendor-agnostic methodology called the Advizer™ tool. We can benchmark current configurations to identify critical gaps, map out solid implementation paths and custom-tailor a solution to address the specific needs of your computing environment. In addition, two strategically located Solution Centers allow you to view simulations of multi-vendor solutions, so you can see how your planned implementation performs before it is deployed. Both resources are examples of our comprehensive and holistic approach to IT assessment and implementation.