Transform your computing resources

Approaches to building scalable server architectures are constantly evolving. AdvizeX, a Rolta company, can help your organization optimize your server architecture to achieve an agile, converged IT infrastructure resulting in reduced operational and administrative costs and accelerated service delivery.

Using a unique methodology called Advizer™, our experts can generate on-target assessments, provide well-architected solutions and map out solid implementation paths taking advantage of longstanding partnerships with the industry’s leading suppliers. And if server virtualization is on your roadmap, AdvizeX offers a comprehensive approach to the emerging virtual data center. We can help you implement an appropriate virtualization strategy and the right management tools to harness its full benefits.

Increasing the agility necessary to make IT resources more responsive to business demands is on every IT manager’s short list. AdvizeX consultants can help you identify the right tools to streamline and automate server management, reduce IT sprawl, and simplify operations. We also offer a variety of implementations for addressing today’s challenging space, cooling and power constraints.

The AdvizeX approach is comprehensive and includes planning, implementation and post-migration support for server solutions—all customized and tailored to address the specific needs of your computing environment. The sooner we can optimize your existing IT resources, the sooner you can start focusing more on business strategy and less on technology management.