Beyond the single solution mindset

Cyber threats have grown exponentially over the last several years and now come in many different and constantly evolving varieties. But the limitations of using vendor-specific point solutions to deal with them have become painfully evident. The result of such approaches is often a patchwork of solutions that provides less than full assurance.

AdvizeX, a Rolta company, approaches security differently than traditional security providers, which typically have pre-packaged offerings focusing on either product or process. In contrast, AdvizeX offers an integrated assessment and implementation strategy spanning eight distinct critical checklist areas working together to provide a 360-degree view of your organization’s security needs. AdvizeX is an HP Enterprise Security Partner, bringing industry leading solutions for Security and Incident Event Management (SIEM), Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IPS/IDS) and Application Security.

Virtualization and cloud computing are increasing the complexity of network security as enterprises try to balance the protection of data with the need for access. An AdvizeX Network Advizer™ can work to help your company successfully achieve this balance as well as finding the optimal tradeoffs between cost, security performance, and system responsiveness. Our unique Advizer™ methodology can uncover potential threats and vulnerabilities. We look at a wide array of discrete areas including virus protection, firewall integrity, and password management, as well as wireless and physical security.

Moving beyond siloed applications, the AdvizeX eight-point security assessment is an integrated and pragmatic approach that can help you identify threats affecting business continuity and the overall stability of your core business. Whether you’re looking for an A–Z comprehensive assessment or a more focused approach targeting specific areas, we can help.