Solution Centers

See how your environment performs before deployment

Today’s IT solutions are not only more complex and layered but also heavily dependent on multivendor interoperability. Because suppliers focus mainly on the performance of individual products, the challenge for IT managers is to ensure that a planned implementation can perform optimally up and down stacks and across multiple network domains. AdvizeX Solution Centers are a rich resource and toolset allowing our customers to meet this challenge.

Our strategically located Solution Centers allow customers and prospects to view demos of multivendor end-to-end solutions, which are fully vetted and scorecarded. Remote access options provide customized experiences for both CIOs and IT administrators.

Synergistically mix and match server, storage and network elements in standard or customized configurations before you implement. Real-world video simulations and demos show exactly how new applications or emerging technologies fit into your current IT resource configuration. IT managers can test drive planned implementations while minimizing risk and saving valuable planning and preparation time. If you have specialized requirements, AdvizeX can customize a demo to show how your actual data or applications will perform in specified vendor configurations.

Representing a multi-million dollar investment, AdvizeX Solution Centers are a special benefit available to our customers. Whether you’re curious about new market offerings such as de-duplication for storage and want to kick the tires, or would like to explore whether your network can support a new application, our Solution Centers are an important tool for dealing with today’s complex IT challenges—and just one more example of our comprehensive and holistic approach to IT assessment and implementation.