Virtual Data Center

From assessment and planning to post-migration support

Building out a virtual data center isn’t a walk in the park. It requires a unique mix of skills, deep virtualization expertise, and a holistic 360 degree view of your data center’s optimal migration path for all major elements: servers, storage, networking, and applications. AdvizeX, a Rolta company, has consultants that are specially trained and certified to help you navigate through this complexity.

We can help you optimize storage as you migrate to the virtual data center and advise you on fully automated tiering solutions that improve response time and simplify management. With advanced compression and de-duplication capability, your data center can benefit from significant reductions in storage consumption and bandwidth.

AdvizeX can also help with the operational aspects of running a data center. We have solutions to help you maintain application performance and availability with solutions from our partners HP, VMware and Microsoft.

Virtualized data centers require higher levels of performance from network infrastructure as server-to-server transactions increase and capabilities such as live migration become more widely used. Using the full array of resources from HP Networking, our consultants can help you cost-effectively optimize and automate your network infrastructure to support the new flexibility that virtualization provides.

IT departments are moving quickly to implement virtual data centers. AdvizeX can provide your organization with the expertise required to implement a virtual data center, starting with assessment and planning and moving through all stages of implementation and post-migration support. Our team of experts can also advise you on best available solutions from leading virtualization vendors such as HP, EMC, VMware, Microsoft and Oracle that are right-sized for your existing IT resources and budget.

In the virtual data center, each of the critical building blocks — network, servers, applications and storage — need more than being optimally virtualized. They must also work together in a fully integrated and orchestrated fashion. AdvizeX can help your organization move beyond virtualization siloes with a comprehensive approach to all four areas using best of breed technology and a knowledge base honed through years of real-world experience.