• Rolta BMS

  • Exponential technology and innovation are the key to the future. Watch this video on Rolta Advizex here:

  • Nevada Department of Transportation Enhances Emergency Response Capabilities with Rolta OnPoint™

  • Role-based actionable insights for the chemical industry by Rolta OneView™ Enterprise Suite

  • Interview with SAP Pinnacle Award Winner (ROLTA) at SAP TechEd && d-code, Las Vegas

  • A clone of Rich Niemiec delivered a 2-minute interview, speaking to attendees from the year 2040 about the uses of Oracle 12c. Amazingly, Clone Niemiec looks just as dapper as the real Niemiec in 2014. See the interview here:

  • Rolta RapidHANA™ – Seamless Migration to SAP HANA.

  • Take out 6 minutes to get a better understanding of Rolta SmartMigrate™.

  • Curious about Rolta OneView™? Here’s a quick intro.

  • Rolta Partners with SAP


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