Defense: Overview

Rolta offers a complete range of solutions for efficient Defense operations that are vital for the safety of the nation.

Militaries across the globe have realized that it is not numbers and massing of forces which will ensure victory, but the side which can better harness technology enabling force multipliers, which emerges victorious. The era of Network Centric Warfare is here with its precision sensors, battlefield management systems, communications and effectors.

Rolta has transformed its business from a services centric model into one that is solutions oriented, with a large repository of Rolta’s own intellectual property (‘IPR’). Rolta’s IP comprises numerous software products and industry-specific solution templates. Rolta solutions have been proven in the field and have received numerous accolades in the international marketplace. As a dominant market leader for Defence Geospatial solutions in India for over two decades, Rolta today has a deep understanding of the operational environment of the Defence Forces and continues to design innovative solutions. Rolta has worked closely with the Army in warlike situations and provided support under extremely demanding conditions. Rolta’s strength lies in its level of commitment, as was demonstrated by its participation in the Army’s “Operation VIJAY”, “Operation PARAKRAM” and in several other major exercises.

While Rolta is strongly positioned in its traditional areas of business in Geospatial Technologies, its capabilities have expanded significantly. The Company today serves markets that are much larger than ever before, by addressing the requirements for Advanced Systems which includes Command & Control, Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (C2ISR), Optronics, Communications, Digital Soldier Systems, Battlefield Management Systems (BMS) and Vehicle & Fire Control Systems. Rolta is one of the select few companies recognized and invited under the stringent `Make India’ categorization. Rolta’s success today is a result of a combination of various factors like domain expertise, worldwide presence, acquired technologies, in-house developments, joint ventures, global partners, Defence industrial licenses, etc.

In response to increased demand from the Forces for advanced MOTS systems, Rolta has lined up an impressive array of highly responsive and reliable systems for Defence & Security environments. These rugged field-tested solutions for Tactical Communication, Soldier Systems and Command & Control Systems meet and exceed the most exacting of the norms prescribed by the Forces/Security agencies for a digitized battle field.