Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance: Spotting Vital Intelligence and Exploiting Relevant Information

Rolta helps leverage advanced data fusion technologies for Surveillance and Reconnaissance of transborder areas for identification and detection of targets to mitigate threats.

Field Formations of the Armed Forces require updated information about changes that take place across the borders over a period of time for tactical and strategic planning. Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) Solutions from Rolta is deployed in forward areas under actual operational conditions.

Rolta ISR range of solutions includes Photogrammetry / GIS and Imaging solutions all integrated into a state of art workstation. Defence users use Rolta ISR range of solutions extensively for INT gathering, Operational planning, Logistics move, 3D Terrain analysis / visualization and Decision support Aids based on Analysis of the Terrain.

Operation planners use Photogrammetry / Imaging solutions to create the base map, on which the situational overlay shows the location of own forces and the current location of the enemy/ threat factors. Rolta’s Imaging solutions assists Defence users to quickly identify a target which is under surveillance using high resolution satellite imagery overlaid with the operational information