Optronics: Solutions for Defense Forces and Homeland Security

Rolta offers a wide range of Night Vision devices such as NightVision Goggles, Weapon Sights, Surveillance & Target Acquisition Devices and Platform Optronics to enhance operational efficiency of field forces during low light conditions.

Rolta, with strategic collaborations with global OEMs, offers a comprehensive portfolio of top of the line solutions for the Defense Forces and Homeland security in the Optronics domain which essentially comprises a range of Night Vision Devices which enhance individual visibility, effectiveness of weapon firing, surveillance capability and overall operational efficiency during dark nights and under low light conditions.

The product/solution portfolio consists of the following categories:-

  1. Individual Night Sights

    1. Passive Night Vision Monoculars
    2. Passive Night Vision Goggles
    3. Passive Night Vision Binoculars
    4. Night Vision Goggles for Pilots
  2. Passive Night Weapon Sights

    1. Weapon Sights – Image Intensifier (II) based
    2. Weapon Sights – Thermal Imaging (TI) based
  3. Surveillance & Target Acquisition Devices

    1. Hand Held Laser Range Finder (HHLRF)
    2. Hand Held Thermal Imager (HHTI)
    3. Remote Operation System
  4. Platform Optronics

    1. Thermal Imager Sights for Tank Commanders
    2. Electro Optical Sights integrated with Fire Control System for Land & Sea Platforms
    3. Electro Optical Sensor Systems for Reconnaisance Vehicles and Marine platforms
    4. Electro Optical systems for UAVs