Financial Services: Overview

Rolta helps financial services organizations to meet the industry’s newfangled challenges, and thus make a lasting business impact.

Today, financial services organizations are dealing with unprecedented pressures around performance, cost reduction, regulation and customer expectations. The current economic environment continues to drive reform from regulators and legislators, which in turn burdens the internal processes to comply with timely reports and disclosures. The competitive landscape continues to evolve as well. Banks, investment managers and insurers need considerably more detail on profitability at the product, service, customer and/or market level.

With the complexity around asset liability management, this compounds the challenge to do accurate forecasting. The bar has been raised on the level of analytics capabilities in these businesses. Focused solutions from Rolta help financial services organizations rise to meet these new challenges and make a lasting business impact.

Rolta’s focused solutions for the Financial Services industry empower them to meet the industry’s modern challenges, thus creating a lasting business impact. Rolta’s Financial Services Practice supports the services associated with the delivery of accounting, profitability, and risk & management performance information to decision-makers throughout the Financial Services industry as well as to external regulators and investors. We have assisted organizations in modernizing and transforming their accounting, profitability, risk and management reporting applications to provide an integrated enterprise view. Our clients engage Rolta to assist in reviewing these initiatives, compile them into a holistic picture of benefits and outcomes, and identify any opportunities to streamline and maximize the data, workflows and systems supporting key finance areas. These areas typically include financial consolidation, risk reporting, financial, regulatory, and tax reporting, acquired loan accounting, budgeting & forecasting, treasury/asset liability management, management reporting, product and customer profitability.