Homeland and Maritime Security: Overview

Rolta’s technology capabilities help combat internal security issues of the nation, ensuring the safety of its citizens.

Globally countries are faced with threats of extremism from both inside and outside their borders, coupled with challenges of growing crime rates and increasing pressures to safeguard critical economic assets, apart from mitigating disasters or safeguarding human rights in general. Countries are facing severe threats from terrorism perpetuated by religious fundamentalism, extreme political ideologies or separatism for several decades resulting in enormous loss of life and suffering to its citizens. The spurt in economic growth has created disparities resulting in growing crime rates in the urban areas. Frequent terrorist attacks and security breaches have necessitated the need for enabling robust security across the cities and borders.

Given such potential damages, Homeland Security is increasingly becoming critical to the overall security of the country. This is witnessed through a growing focus on this sector by national governments across the world. Globally, the private sector has played a significant role in meeting Homeland Security requirements in developed countries, and this model is now being replicated in emerging markets with industry taking note of the requirements of this sector and fulfilling them.

Governments are needing to upgrade and modernize their operational and security forces, reinforcing them with the latest technology, solutions and equipment. State of art security systems must provide automation, intelligence and interoperability to streamline work processes and maximize resources.

Comprehensive solutions are the need of the hour, which would be able to detect intrusions through electronic sensors, receive and analyze all inputs through diverse means in real time, extract relevant information and produce it in the required formats, alert the security forces and permit communications that are secure.

Rolta offers a variety of solutions for such Homeland Security requirements for Emergency Response Management, Command and Control Solutions, Maritime Security solution, Intelligence Data Fusion, Crime Analytics, Integrated 2D & 3D GIS, Optronics, Mobile Surveillance Vehicle, Disaster Management and Border Surveillance including solutions for securing sensitive information at places like Airports, Refineries, Dockyards, Metros, Para Military Forces, Outpost, etc. Rolta Command and Control, Rolta GeoCAD, and Rolta OnPoint solutions are Rolta’s core offerings in this domain. These products are part of large repository of Rolta’s own intellectual property (IPR) which comprises of numerous software products and industry specific solution frameworks.

TETRA provides an effective solution to control operations for addressing security needs. The portfolio also includes systems that can undertake Data and text mining in real time. Rolta’s technology capabilities help realize the internal security needs of the nation, ensuring the safety of its citizens.