GIS Based Crime Analytics: Transforming Information into Actionable Intelligence

Rolta provides solutions for analyzing data from multiple sources to enable timely and informed decision making for the safety of officers and citizens.

Law Enforcement systems have relied on data from traditional data collection & documentation mechanisms which over the years have multiplied ten-fold. In today’s rapidly changing environment this non-homogenous, fragmented intelligence is rendered almost ineffective and inconsequential.

By incorporating traditional law enforcement data with location-specific data such as demographics, infrastructure, and offender tracking, GIS can transform information into actionable intelligence.

Rolta’s innovative GIS-based Crime Analytics system has the tools to integrate any law enforcement information source such as incidents, offenses, arrests, and calls for service on a Single Integrated Geospatial platform. This unique combination empowers analysts to extract valuable intelligence, analyzing and correlating events to make timely and informed decisions in an environment that can have a direct impact on the safety of officers and citizens.

Our solutions analyze data from multiple sources for the generation and dissemination of predictive crime patterns / modus operandi patterns / relevant alerts / information inputs / intelligence reports to the designated functionaries for improved crime and criminal investigation outcomes.