Maritime Security: Effective Command, Control, Communications and Surveillance Systems

Rolta offers complete solutions for Maritime Safety & Security, search and rescue operations, protection of offshore critical assets, shipping lane management, territorial waters surveillance, environmental monitoring, offshore platform protection, prevention of trafficking, fisheries control and harbour protection.

India is poised to strengthen its coastal security and vigilance in the Maritime sector to safeguard the nation’s homeland from asymmetric threats. To augment India’s increasing national security needs, Rolta offers in-house solutions for Maritime Safety and Security (MSS) systems in coherence with National Policy. Our solutions cover the entire range of Command, Control, Communications and Surveillance systems to meet the most stringent requirements of Maritime Safety and Security. Our indigenously developed Command and Control (C2) System forms the core of these solutions, which can be customized to address all aspects of Maritime Security requirements.

The solutions we offer include:-

  1. Coastal Security solution
  2. Critical Infrastructure Protection of on-shore and off-shore sites and assets
  3. VTMIS (Vessel Traffic Management and Information System)

Rolta Command and Control is a highly configurable, situational awareness software platform. This web-based technology lets watch standers, analysts, and others dissect information and make actionable recommendations rather than merely collecting and displaying data. The system can be configured by the customer to develop automated rule based situation management, timelines, dashboard visualizations, as well as intelligent work flow based response tools etc. It builds, provides and displays the Combined Operating Picture (COP), sending it to the different operational authorities and resources involved in the response. The COP is built using data from the sensor stations at the on-shore as well as off-shore platforms.

Notable highlights of these solutions also include open architecture and standards combined with innovative technologies such as Selective Information Dissemination, Web Technologies, and Service Oriented Architecture to integrate existing customer legacies and ensure interoperability with external systems and databases.

Value-added relationships with local industry partners are key to sustainable solutions. Rolta has a worldwide presence and a strong track record on multi-partner projects spanning the entire value chain from needs analysis to through-life support. With this collaborative approach, Rolta offers the world-class technology needed to meet the security and sovereignty requirements of each customer.