Safe City (City Surveillance): Technology Solutions for Safeguarding People, Property & Assets

Rolta provides holistic solutions for advanced sensor integration, data fusion and visualization capabilities, providing insights for managing the safety and security of a nation.

Crime, vandalism and terrorism, like the Mumbai terror attacks of 26/11, have led many cities to look at video surveillance solutions.

Today, Rolta as a system integrator, facilitates in securing urban environments with innovative crime prevention, traffic management, video surveillance and environmental control capabilities. The “Rolta Safe City” solutions are built around “Rolta Command and Control”, “Rolta GeoCAD”, and “Rolta OnPoint” solutions which are Rolta’s core offerings in this domain. These products are part of large repository of Rolta’s own intellectual property (IPR) which comprises of numerous software products and industry specific solution frameworks. These solutions act as a force multiplier by enabling leading edge decision support systems within a spatially enabled environment.

Rolta’s solution framework provides advanced sensor integration, data fusion and visualization capabilities by integrating various components like Camera based Surveillance, Mobile Surveillance Vehicles, Access Control System, Licence Plate Recognition, 2D & 3D maps etc., for building an integrated Common Operating Picture to provide users with enhanced actionable situational awareness allowing greater insights for managing the safety and security environment. Our automated wide area surveillance solution provides immediate situational awareness in any environment. We combine video inputs from any number of cameras with other sensor data and display it on a single screen.

Rolta offers robust network infrastructure that is 100% uptime, operates 24×7, 365 days of the year, is reliable in harsh outdoor conditions, reaches the most remote locations and does not disrupt the city’s daily routine. The offered infrastructure can also support additional devices, mobile connectivity, new bandwidth requirements and real-time application deployments.

We offer a scalable, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) framework with an agile architecture that can be customised for your requirements. We work with leading alarm, video, and sensor vendors to provide standard-based adapters, which shorten implementation costs and time frames.