Nuclear: Overview

Rolta helps in the design, construction, and operation of conventional and nuclear power plants.

Nuclear power is an efficient and volatile method of creating electricity using controlled nuclear fission, or, less commonly, nuclear fusion. Due to the danger of radioactive waste, however, the infrastructure of nuclear plants is quite different from other types of power plants, involving concrete radiation shields enclosed by steel containment fields.

Despite the dangers, a properly running nuclear power plant can be safer and less toxic than many other types of power plants. Presuming a plant does not have any leaks or structural problems, it will actually release one hundred times less radioactivity than a coal power plant, which also expels carbon, sulfur, and other harmful byproducts directly into the air.

Rolta addresses the complete life cycle of large fossil fuel, hydroelectric, or nuclear plants involved in generating power for commercial and residential use. By improved understanding information of the plant, owners can maximize their return on investment to bring a large plant online, improve plant efficiency, and lower power plant operating costs. Right from new power plant design and construction, to nuclear plant maintenance, owners can benefit from a consolidated and managed source of asset information, and can maintain effective change control over their valuable plant data.