Rolta helps you leverage operational intelligence to improve plant reliability and minimize down-time

The face of global refining business is changing. The key issues pertaining to this business today include petrochemical integration, management of wastewater and gas to liquid technology. The search for better sustainable greener jet fuels, catalyst replacements, hydrogen management and controlling project costs make up the priority list of the refining industry.

The oscillating demand-supply economics threatens plant closures in certain geographies like Europe, which are already struggling to survive amidst stiff international competition, massive capacity addition in other areas like Middle East and falling market demand.

The tilt of the scales is fluctuating with US refineries gaining access to cheaper unconventional oil. Widening crack spreads coupled with the growing clout of refiners in Asia is set to boost the primary as well as other oil derivatives markets.

Operational Excellence (OpX) is the need of hour in Refining sector, where companies are facing extreme scenarios – from closure to multifold growth. OpX fuels competitiveness, decreases costs, increases revenues & profitability, leading to favorable outcomes.

Operational Intelligence (OI) is the cornerstone for OpX, laying the plinth for integrated business intelligence spanning IT & OT technologies across the value chain.