Rolta offers a multitude of technology solutions which play a vital role in effectively planning and executing large scale telecom projects.

Telecom happens to be one of fastest growing in the world with approximately 16 million subscribers being added every month. Even with the remarkable progress for the past few years, there are several areas of deficit and concern for which a well thought out strategy and newer innovative solutions has to be evolved for the development.

The Infrastructure that delivers services is linked directly to the location of each customer, and combined with Network Management; these form the crucial elements in overall operations for providing trouble free and cost effective service to customers.

Rolta’s GIS has wide ranging applications in Telecom Sector for deployment of efficient, accurate and timely services to the consumers. GIS is used to visualize the network data and conditions on a geographic canvass for attention and tracking of telecom network outages.

GIS can be used to model the physical network of telecom and automate labor intensive tasks of network inventory, mapping, facility management and engineering analysis. GIS has the potential to emerge as key differentiator for service providers striving for profitability and customer satisfaction.

The applications of GIS in Telecom range from Optical Fiber Network Management, Telecom Network Planning, Network Expansion Modeling and Infrastructure Designing to Customer Relationship Management and Operations Support System.