Rolta has adopted a unique business model in the IT industry. We have developed a large repository of our own Intellectual Property (IP), including over 800+ copyrights/patents, through significant in-house development and some strategic acquisitions. The Company has leveraged this IP to build packaged solutions to address the needs of select high-growth verticals. Rolta is able to differentiate its offerings from other players, including the large consultancy firms and systems integrators, by combining its deep know-how in the Geospatial and Engineering domains with its IT expertise and deliver business insights enriched with locational and engineering context for more effective decision-making.

The development of the IP-led approach has enabled us to play in the large main-stream IT solutions and services market with innovative offerings. We leverage our deep subject matter knowledge in selected verticals, and IT expertise on multiple technology platforms, such as Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft, to address enterprise-level needs for design and implementation of state-of-the-art infrastructure for Cloud computing and in-memory analytics for implementing business applications that enable enterprises to exploit the power of BI and Big Data Analytics.

This IP-led approach has enabled the Company to place itself very strongly in the Defense segment also. We are the only company with field proven Military-off-the-Shelf technology solutions that are indigenous and have been built over two decades of close working with the Indian military. Our track record enabled us be one among just a few companies invited to bid for one of the largest procurement programs in this segment.

The resultant benefits to all stakeholders are significant. Customers get a higher and quicker ROI. The Company business model is now non-linear and scalable, with improved margins and volume, and greater annuity revenues. Employees have greater intellectual satisfaction when they create world-class products. Investors reap benefits from improved financial performance.

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