Rolta Geospatial Fusion™ Suite – Addressing Business Problems by integrating GIS with Business Intelligence (BI)

A configurable spatial integration platform providing geo-visualization and location analytics capabilities

Rolta Geospatial Fusion™ (Rolta GSF) is an industry leading configurable spatial integration platform that provides powerful out-of-the-box geo-visualization and location analytics capabilities for business functions across diverse verticals such as Utility, Transportation, and Government. The Rolta GSF platform provides a common technology framework for addressing business problems by integrating GIS with Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions from Oracle, SAP, IBM, and Microsoft. Along with Rolta’s OneView™ Enterprise Suite it provides transactional and analytical capabilities across IT-OT systems allowing business leaders to seamlessly be on top of their Business KPIs.

Rolta GSF Platform focusses on planning, building, and managing the next-generation solutions – featuring extremely innovative Information interoperability, IT-OT Integrations, ERP, GIS, Mobility, Social, Cloud, Big Data Analytics and Security technologies for driving Business Excellence.

Rolta GSF is vendor neutral supporting major OLAP and reporting vendors, along with other business process models. It seamlessly integrate map data, connect to applications for data, connect/receive feeds (RSS, GeoRSS), display maps, charts, gauges, tables, images, etc. are in-built along with connectors to most standard ERP, CRM & EAM systems.

Rolta GSF Suite comprises of three flagship products that includes Rolta OnPoint™, Rolta Unified Mobility™, and Rolta Spatial Analytics™. These products play key roles in re-use of earlier investments in legacy GIS technologies, while seamlessly bringing in new age business agility and spatial analytics to technology enabled businesses across multitude domains and industries, making critical information readily available on-the-go.

Rolta GSF Business Benefits:

  • Increase effectiveness of existing IT infrastructure and enhance ROI for previous investments
  • Demonstrated reduction in IT project costs and long term program maintenance costs
  • Drive compliance to meet stakeholder serviceability levels and reporting mandates
  • Rapid deployment and configurable features presentation reducing time to market
  • Configurable web map services reduces the efforts and cost of enterprise integration
  • Industry standard security compliance
  • Low cost of ownership

Value Proposition:

  • Leverage sharing of enterprise resources with spatial context
  • Empowers enterprise towards effective information sharing through spatially enabled workflow
  • Achieve greater geo-processing and analytics capabilities to diverse natural resources assets
  • Superior asset lifecycle management and workflow management
  • Monitor spatial relevant KPIs impacting business using industry standard BI
  • Geospatial enabled e-Governance ERP / Applications for various government services and workflows
  • Spatial context to law enforcement enterprise data for planning, mapping and analysis
  • Provides deeper spatial integration for advanced Crime Analytics and Safe City
  • Achieve smarter city initiatives involving real time geospatial enabled analytics for effective public services such as emergency response, critical protection, and Traffic control and emission control solutions

Rolta GSF has upwards of 130 active global customers spread across 3 continents. Operating out of multiple state-of-the-art facilities in India, Middle East and Canada, the GIS team is supported by a solid network of regional support desks spread servicing customers in their local geographies. Our robust infrastructure and process assures information security to a great extent.