Cloud Solutions

Rolta’s Cloud & IT Transformation solution transforms the cloud journey for an enterprise from being a long and painful to a fast, predictable and secure experience. The solution covers all the phases of a cloud project – Plan, Build, Manage and Innovate.

Companies of all sizes have started reaping the benefits of Virtualization or are planning to do so. Mobile and Social technology penetration have, additionally, created many complexities as well as new opportunities for the enterprise.

Cloud Computing presents a number of challenges relating to its complexity such as:
• Virtualization Sprawl and multiple cloud deployments by various businesses
• No Control of IT, No support from IT
• Cloud confusion by vendors (rather than simplification)
• And there are numerous other challenges, from privacy and security to access and deployment

Rolta’s Cloud solution enables our clients to embrace these newer technologies, overcome the technology challenges, serve their clients better and stay ahead of the competition.

Rolta has developed a wide range of service offerings which customers can choose from.
• Cloud use-case and technology assessment
• Cloud roadmap and transformation services
• Infrastructure design for private and hybrid clouds
• Complete cloud enablement – private, public and hybrid
• Cloud monitoring and Operations
• Business Enablement services

Rolta firmly believes that “Cloud is not the end but it is the means – the means to achieve better Business”. Rolta’s Business Agility-in-a-Box™ solution has been built precisely around this definition and refers to its integrated and pre-defined cloud solution that encompasses all the phases of a cloud deployment and the ability to solve a direct business use case for a given domain. It is a combination of Rolta’s extensive domain experience merged with its cloud technology capabilities.

Why are customers moving to Cloud?

Why are customers moving to Cloud