IT Service Management

Rolta has made its way onto the agendas of both global businesses and large and medium enterprises.
Rolta’s unmatched experiences dealing with true IT values, designing dynamic systems, driving end-to-end transformation programs, mitigating risks and reducing costs helps companies master their IT environments.

Below are some of the typical Challenges, we have come across:
• Breaking down the barriers between IT and the business & align IT Service to the need of the business
• Unknown risks and unclear responsibilities in distributed infrastructures
• Putting a price on IT services, and highlighting their value to the business
• Improve the quality and reduce long-term cost of IT service delivery
• Improved IT services through the use of proven best practice processes and guidance
• Improved productivity by use of skills and experience

To overcome these challenges, Rolta provides IT Service Management solutions to an organization, optimizes IT infrastructure efficiency, reduces overheads and lowers the total cost of IT ownership (TCO), helping it to ensure a significant return on investment (ROI) with rapid time-to-value and Improve the quality of services to consistently deliver measurable business results.

Our IT Management Services include:
• Design and Architecture
• Implementation and Configuration
• Customization and Integration
• Up gradation and Migration
• Reports and Dashboards

Business Benefits:
• Accelerate business agility and speed-to-market
• Optimize IT maintenance costs
• Maximize productivity and customer retention through better services and support
• Gain a competitive edge through increased agility
• Become more responsive to the needs of the business
• Streamline IT support and drive a transformation from reactive to proactive IT
• Take new lines of business to market quicker through faster delivery of supporting IT services
• Mitigate risk and ensure business continuity

Migration Services
Rolta, a recognized migration expert, has extensive experience in product Up-gradation and Migration for large enterprises. Rolta follows a matured and time-tested methodology for migrations, as below.

Migration Methodology

Integration Services
Rolta, with its deep domain knowledge, has successfully delivered ITSM solutions with third party tools integration and vice versa in heterogeneous environments.

Integration Services

Custom Reports
Rolta, with its rich experience, has developed numerous complex reports and dashboards for IT/Business Operations as well as Management, helping clients for strategic planning.

Custom Reports

Sustenance and Management
Rolta, in multi-year engagements, has managed and supported many clients for their ITSM setups. During the Sustenance tenure, Rolta has provided valuable feedbacks to its clients, thus enhancing the system efficiencies.

Sustenance and Management