Product Sheets

Rolta Photogrammetry Nucleus

Rolta Photogrammetry Nucleus includes the functionality of Project management. Project Management provides the Photogrammetry data management tools required for a production workflow.


Enterprise Performance Management: Better Decisions, Faster

In today’s volatile economic climate, businesses must adapt performance management practices to successfully compete.


Rolta Advanced Image Analysis (RAIA) Version 10.0

Rolta Advanced Image Analysis (RAIA) is powerful image processing and analysis software that has bundled various functionalities to enable user to extract maximum meaningful information from geospatial imagery, while maintaining spatial accuracy and increasing productivity. The software provides defense users with full set of image display, enhancement, manipulation and vector editing tools suitable to meet the demands of intensive image mapping and advance image analysis environment. RAIA is enabled with easy to use user interface providing better user experience in image intelligence extraction process.


Rolta Geomatica Map Finisher

Rolta Geomatica Map Finisher (RGMF) Reader offers a complete, comprehensive and single, integrated software system that is highly suited for military survey and Survey of India (SOI) for creation, processing and analyzing all types of geospatial data such as vector, matrix, raster, scanned map, elevation and ancillary data.


Rolta Critical Infrastructure Protection

Rolta’s innovative mission critical applications are ready to deploy for continuous operation in support of decision makers responsible for life safety emergency management and security.


IT Infrastructure: Secure, Reliable Resources Optimized for Total Cost of Ownership

Today’s CIOs are tasked with balancing the requirements of providing a secure, reliable and sustainable IT infrastructure with mission critical business systems while keeping an eye toward new innovations in technology.


Rolta Grid Analysis

The tools for performing Grid analysis generally are based on either vector or raster (grid) data models. Rolta Grid Analysis combines the strengths of vector GIS with the power of grid analysis tools. Rolta Grid Analysis module is ideally suited for carrying out complex spatial analysis such as Site Location (For locating the best camping site/ helipad ground and radar site etc), Route Planning (finding best route between multiple locations), and Hot Spot Detection (Areas with maximum intensity of events). Rolta Grid Analysis tools allow the professional to create, import, …

Business Intelligence: Create Valuable Insights Enterprise Data

Most organizations today understand the intrinsic value of having ready access to quality, up-to-date information. When management and line-of-business users are better able to access and analyze critical business data, they are able to make informed decisions and seize opportunities to optimize costs, maximize profitability and generally help their companies operate more efficiently.


Rolta Safety & Security – Maritime Surveillance

Rolta’s safety and security solutions provide state if the art technology for high reliability command and control centers tasked with safeguarding people, property and assets. These solutions act as force multiplier by enabling leading edge decision support system within a spatially enabled environment.


Rolta Geomatica

Geomatica is designed to support the analytical demands of the most challenging problems confronted in our stewardship of the environment as well as to provide day-to-day support for the common tasks of GIS and Image processing.