Rolta Software for Walkthrough: An Effective Terrain Visual Analysis Tool

Rolta Software for Walkthrough (RSW) is a powerful yet ‘easy to use’ terrain visual analysis tool which offers facilities to create, edit and manipulate capabilities in a 3D Environment.

Rolta RSW offers a unique and well defined workflow to handle elevation data represented as TIN and GRID. In addition, its 3D rendering and fly-through simulations enable improved operational efficiency for defense users through better and near realistic terrain visualization.

  • Rolta Terrain Analyst: TIN – Used for creating, editing and analyzing surfaces, contours and elevation 3D data models.
    • Effective contour creation techniques with a huge data set
    • Offers customized Defense workflows to handle 2D contours to DTED and supports different views as Isometric, Left, Top, etc.
  • Rolta Terrain Analyst: GRID – A flexible, powerful and user friendly module with sophisticated visual analysis capabilities.
    • Powerful Visibility Analysis tools which generate colour coded images and shaded relief with sun shading control
    • Enables easy import and export of DTED and other elevation formats
  • Rolta Terrain Analyst: FLY THROUGH – A unique module enabling realistic terrain modeling and interactive real time fly.
    • Enables easy fly model creation and also provides users with an intelligent Route and Navigation Management system
  • Key Features:

    • Powerful Visibility Analysis tools such as line of sight, visibility polygon and visibility fan
    • Powerful Visibility Analysis tools such as line of sight, visibility polygon and visibility fan
    • Creates hill shade and color coded wireframes from elevation data based on TIN method
    • Customized workflows to handle 2D Contour to DTED as well as quick export and import of elevation data such as DTED, Arc ASCII, DEM etc
    • Customized MIL tools to create map, overlay and place symbols. Displays DGN as per the DVD standard specification
    • Optimized workflow for fly model creation and view in flythrough
    • Enhanced import option of 2D point as icons, marker and 3d symbols
    • Supports 3D symbols in different formats (*.X, *.3ds , *.obj and *.flt formats)
    • Enables visualization of the fly through model in Normal View, Man Eye View and Birds Eye View with recording and playback as a movie file in *.avi, wmv and mp4 formats
    • Enables profile view for user defined areas in the fly through model
    • Display artillery weapons and their range within the defined extent (Arc of Fire)


    • Near realistic terrain visualization with attribute and texture mapping
    • Hassle free navigation tools to enhance user experience, such as Dynamic flyer and Grab Pivot
    • Supports various formats of 3D symbols
    • Enables viewing of terrain models through different angles
    • Mission planning and rehearsal, in vehicle navigation, and training
    • Enables Topographic Mapping and Slope Analysis
    • Enables Urban Planning and Analysis
    • Provides easy steps to create sand models from shaded relief, allowing visualization in isometric and planar views
    • Features include interactive way point creation, store & edit, facility to ‘Fly Along’ the waypoint
    • Visualize the weapon’s fire range in 3D, gun density and coverage area