C2 – Soldier: Providing basic Command and Control tools to the Soldier to improve his effectiveness

C2 – Soldier is a module of Rolta BMS Soldier that contains tools which empower the Soldiers with very rudimentary Planning, Decision Support and Control Functions.

Command and Control is the exercise of authority and direction by a properly designated Commander over assigned forces in the accomplishment of the mission. Rolta’s C2 Soldier is a collection of Tools that empowers the Soldiers with very rudimentary Planning, Decision Support, & Control Functions. It is custom-built with a light & responsive embedded GIS Engine to meet the needs of Soldiers in the Indian Army’s combat echelons at the forward edge of the battlefield.

Planning Tools

  • Cartographic tools for basic linear measurements like distance in dismounted mode and Area,Perimeter in mounted mode

Decision Support Tools

  • Display of fused entities sent by the Platoon Cdr
  • Generate alerts on operational health status of casualty state

Control Functions

  • Palette of very limited non- standard readymade symbols /icons
  • A user friendly messaging module to send and receive different type of text & graphical messages with prioritisation
  • Cater for video streaming for all mounted forces and only for 2 persons equipped with Radios
  • Storage of records of messages received during the mission with Date Time Stamp
  • Option to select and send partial graphical overlay