Rolta Mil Map Viewer: A powerful tool for analytical operations over terrain data

Rolta Mil Map Viewer is an advanced Web based application,for visualization,navigation and terrain analysis of geospatial data in 2D/3D environment and helps as a decision support tool in military operations.

Rolta Mil Map Viewer is an advanced Web based application for terrain visualization and analysis within a secured intranet environment. This application enables variety of analytical operations over terrain data and derives meaningful geographic outputs which help in further decision making in various real life applications.

It is equipped with various visualization, navigation and analysis services to generate quality outputs for obtaining tactical information. Dedicated visualization capabilities at local, regional, and global scales, are provided through 2D and 3D map viewers that facilitate smarter and realistic visualization of geographical information.

It allows running powerful queries on both spatial and attributes information, produces intelligent overlays of vectors with corresponding attribute information, finally quick and efficient transfer of all these geo-referenced information along with raster maps, raster elevation data, raster imageries through OGC Web Services (WMS, WFS, WFS (T) and WCS) enabling faster on-site action and implementation.

Key Features

  • Support for 100+ concurrent Users on the web
  • Powerful Terrain Analysis
  • Strategic 2D & 3D Terrain Visualization
  • Efficient Navigation through terrain
  • Support for DVO symbology
  • Sun Shading, Moon Shading Support
  • Almanac Support
  • Logical Spatial and Attribute Query
  • MGRS & IMGRS Support
  • Support for Oracle & PostGIS
  • Smart transfer and visualization of geographic information through secured web services among hierarchical users
  • Ingenious Offline Mop Client tool
  • OGC Compliant web services


  • Web based platform for 2D & 3D GIS enabling all the users in the organization access to Data & Analysis capabilities
  • Analysis capabilities for Real time decision making
  • Offline client enables offline data capture & editing
  • OS agnostic application reducing dependencies on platform
  • OGC compliant gateways allows for building flexible Distributed Systems
  • By centralizing resources and efforts, it reduces the overall cost