Rolta Mission Discovery: Data cataloging tool at Battalion level

Rolta Mission Discovery is browser based GUI interface for Geospatial Data Cataloging and query and searches of voluminous data for streamlining the data.

Rolta Mission Discovery is developed for Data cataloging at the Battalion level which:

  • Provides tools to traverse file systems and geographic data sets
  • Metadata creation with footprints and thumbnails for both Vector and Raster Data
  • Exhaustive Support for varied Image and GIS data formats
  • Provides tools for data searches and indexing

Rolta Mission Discovery uses a simple, browser-based GUI interface that streamlines the way user work with data. User can save sessions, searches, and customize the layout to suit his workflows. Easy graphical search capabilities reduce the number of steps required to find the imagery needed- saving time and reducing frustration.

Rolta Discovery simplifies the challenge of locating data needed for specific projects. User can create search queries based on image type, resolution, sensor type, acquisition date, or gee-location, and receive a real time footprint display of the data available on the system. Or, just simply search by zooming and panning in your areas of interest. Imagery can be sorted based on metadata, and grouped into sets via user-defined rules. Sets can be bundled, archived, and shared in just a few clicks.

Key Features

  • Browser-based GUI streamlines working with data
  • Import any type of geospatial data create sets, search metadata, and more
  • Open data directly into Rolta Mission Orientation right from the Discover interface
  • Full query system lets user search for data based on sensor type, resolution, acquisition date, and more
  • Bundle and Archive your selected data sets for easy organization and sharing
  • Graphical footprint can display any or all of your data with simple GUI pan and zoom tools


  • Allows customers to quickly and efficiently discover their data holdings to help organize production work. Raw images, ortho’s, DEM’s, mosaics, etc.
  • Access to complete image library and supporting data
  • Simple GUI interface streamlines working with data can save sessions, searches
  • Customize layout. Easy graphical search capabilities
  • Reduces the number of steps and saves time