Rolta Mission Orientation: Tool for processing different type of Map data as per Area of Responsibility

Rolta Mission Orientation enables pre-processing and preparing geospatial data,handling variety of industry standard formats with state of the art tools and algorithms.

Rolta Mission Orientation is developed for processing of different types of map data at Battalion level as per the need of Commanders based on their Area of Interest and mission. It offers a single, integrated software system that will meet all your remote sensing and image processing needs – turning your imagery into answers and offers robust solutions for all types of desktop geometries.

Rolta Mission Orientation

  • Single integrated entry point for all the Geomatics operations in the organization
  • More than 150+ imagery sensor support for all the industry standard sensors
  • Advanced image processing algorithms ensuring the best analysis of image data
  • Visual modelling & batch processing for faster turnaround of images
  • Can be deployed in standalone mode or in network mode
  • Project creation for a mosaic of a large number of image files
  • Polarimetric SAR (POLSAR) data analysis
  • Strong algorithm support

Key Features

  • State-of-the-art tools for Geometric correction and Image classification
  • Data visualization and editing
  • Cartographic map production
  • Raster spatial analysis
  • Radar Analysis & Hyper-spectral Analysis


  • Industry standard file format support
  • Easy to operate Graphical User interface
  • Project creation for mosaicking of large number of image files
  • Improved performance for faster processing
  • Auto enhancement
  • Batch Processing