Rolta Mission Preparation: Tool for ingestion of different type of Map data as per Area of Responsibility

Rolta Mission Preparation enables Military Commanders in creating Mission with ORBAT, AOR and Configurations for dissemination to the respective hierarchies.

Rolta Mission Preparation is developed for ingestion of the processed map data at Battalion level as per the need of Commanders based on their Area of Interest and mission. It provides a user-friendly map download utility which would download the said data onto the designated local machine for immediate usage. Cached geospatial data on a central repository is downloaded onto a local machine so that the ingested data is ready for analysis and display.The downloaded data can then be copied to individual devices from Battalion down to the individual soldiers.

Key Features

  • Utility/dialog box for Data Ingestion
  • Provision to display the Cached data on some viewer i.e. World map and relevant data
  • Option to define AOR from the Cached data so that only the zone required can be downloaded by Bn/Coy HQ
  • Provision to provide the Tiling/caching levels


  • Multi-level product downloads
  • Raster and vector data support
  • Attribute data support
  • IP-accessed download authorized support
  • Custom definition of map boundaries
  • Overlay support