Spatial Orientation – Soldier: A tool for Soldier to get oriented with all team members in the battle

Spatial Orientation- Soldier is a module of Rolta BMS Soldier.It is an indigenously developed tool for dismounted operations that enhances the soldier by marking basic symbols, marking of routes with way points, alerts etc.

Spatial Orientation Soldier is a fully indigenously developed tool for use by Soldiers during dismounted operations. It provides digital tool to soldiers to enhance their fighting capabilities. It provides marking of basic symbols, Blue Force Tracking, marking of routes with way points, generating alerts & reporting of observations. It also enables quick instant messages like ‘Stop Fire’.

Key Points

  • Lightweight & responsive GIS display
  • Option of Combat Display or display with map data
  • Display of co-ordinate readout
  • Lightweight & responsive Zooming & Panning actions on the map
  • Contrast Brightness Adjustment, with night mode
  • Blue Force Tracking providing a common picture of the location of friendly forces using tactical auto-replication mechanism
  • Facility to mark tactical symbols on the map
  • Marking of observed enemy activity using symbols with attributes and ability to display them at their accurate geo-locations and disseminate them to all BMS entities in the network and hierarchy
  • Marking of Routes
  • Selection of Way points


  • Real time Situational Awareness (SA) for dismounted troops
  • Ingestion and Display of Military Map Data
  • Marking of basic symbols and freehand
  • Marking and sharing of Routes with waypoints
  • Simple and Handy for quick operation
  • Seamless Integration with Software at higher levels in the Command
  • Marking of Basic symbols on the overlay
  • Quick Information Exchange within the section