Command & Control: Providing true situational awareness with actionable intelligence for informed decision making and response to emergencies.

The Rolta Command & Control solution empowers Naval Forces, Coast Guards, Port authorities, as well as Critical Infrastructure and City Planning authorities to manage security threats effectively while leveraging existing sensors and systems.

Rolta Command & Control connects and manages disparate technologies, such as video surveillance, RADAR, AIS, video and audio analytics, PIDS, GPS tracking, GIS mapping, and life critical systems. By aggregating, organizing, fusing & processing intelligence from these systems, it builds Common Operating Picture (COP) with relevant, accurate and timely intelligence which can used by decision makers for handling the threats efficiently and effectively. Following an alert, alarm, or event, the system provides multiple options, such as Notifications, escalations, or response plans to respond to a situation. These enable establishments to react faster to incidents with high consistency & precision.


1. Sensor Interface:

Enables the collection of safety and security risks from a large variety of sensors as well as fusion of the collected information. Sensor interface also supports remote management and control of a wide variety of sensors such as Radar, Sonar, AIS, Camera, fences and Forced Entry Prevention Systems.

2. Rolta Command & Control Server:

Processes, aggregates and organizes the data received from various sensors, uses business rules to detect situational anamolies and distributes this intelligence appropriately to stakeholders, presenting them with suitable options based on modelled business processes for governing the response to the situation. Rolta Command & Control Server uses advanced software technology to cut through security-information clutter, places intelligence in a relevant context, gives users options for actions and allows them to share the information with stakeholders. User-written rules specify anomalies which are brought to the attention of right person at the right time to achieve true collaborative situational awareness.

3. Operator Console:

Based on advanced web based browser technologies, it enables applications to present rich media content. The operator console provides the following functions:

  • Geospatial Visualization using WMS (Web Map Service) and ENC(Electronic Navigational Chart) for depicting Real time intelligence based on fused information received from various sensors on the rendered map.
  • Provides tools to calculate Range, Bearings, and Closest Point of Approach.
  • Supports clustering, route definition and monitoring deviations.
  • Provides tools to create zones and fences, guard lines, map navigational features.
  • Provision to dock windows to get quick access to anomalous entities or units under watch.
  • Alarm prioritization based on criticality and location (as well as location sensitive plans and procedures)
  • Integration with live andrecorded video, camera control functions for validating and monitoring the situation on the ground.Ability to define the business rules on the fly, custom operating procedures and links to create events.
  • Bi-directional communication support with sensors
  • Health monitoring of sensors and systems
  • Various communication interfaces (SMS, E-Mail, PDA, CAD systems) for notification, escalation & dispatch of response forces
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for step by step process guidance, ensuring complete compliance to security policies defined by the establishments
  • Comprehensive “Response Plan” to address situation based on multiple criteria like event type, location, time of the day, day of the week and allocate optimum available resources


  • Modular architecture to enable amalgamation with existing sensor system and future expansion
  • Delivers precise situational awareness through sophisticated collaborative analysis and enables faster response, control and management through systematic procedures and standards
  • Uses powerful algorithms to automate event and alert management
  • Unified interface for comprehensive event information within a spatially enabled environment to maximize the operational effectiveness
  • Real time on-field awareness through an integrated video management system
  • A reliable and scalable solution powered by advanced sensors and systems integration
  • Workflow engine allows security personnel to concentrate on the execution of planned responses
  • Helps routing the right information to the right people at the right time
  • Its mobile platform enables better coordination on the move